BARA, designing wood slatted bases

For over 30 years, BARA has been designing and manufacturing wood slatted bases only for the mattress producers. We are located in the North of France near Lille. BARA is able to supply a wide range of slatted bases : industrial kit, boxspring, slatted bases, electric beds. BARA is PEFC certified since November 2010.

Our assets

A large range of wooden slatted bases

BARA is able to supply a wide range of wooden slatted bases : Bbed frames in kit - Boxsprings / Slatted bases - Electrically adjustable slatted bases

Design and Personalization

We design and manufacture 100% customized bed bases, meeting our customer specific needs.

Short delivery time

BARA is able to deliver within a week when necessary throughout the year, thanks to its raw material stock representing one month's production.

Quality and Experience

Our production is solely focused on bed bases. We exclusively buy first quality Scandinavian timber. With over 30 years experience in the bedding market we have built relationships with the highest quality suppliers of necessary component parts. Our bed bases are environmentally friendly. Indeed, our wood only comes from Scandinavian sustainably managed forests. Our company is PEFC certified since November 2010.

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